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Südhessen Morgen − April 2012
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Virtuoso and Talented

“The grandioso piano playing of Ave Kruup thrilled the audience of Friedenskirche during the evening of chamber music.”

“Kruup impressed the audience with her broad dynamic range.”



Viernheimer Tageblatt − January 2009
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Giants of Music brought to Viernheim

“With Beethoven's Sonata No.7, Ave Kruup transformed the compositional masterpiece into symphonic dimensions.”

“The Ballades Op.10 from Brahms were performed in an expressive way to their completion.”



Muusika Magazine − December 2008
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Young Talents

“The key to a succesful duo is a the match between the players and their understanding of each other's musical intentions. Alessandra Russo is an expressive musician whose endeavors are completed by Ave Kruup's deep and clear playing. They blended into one and the ensemble playing was enjoyable. The concert allowed the audience to experience playing of very high standard and tasteful music-making.”



Südhessen Morgen − January 2009
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Pianist Thrills the Audience with Virtuosic Playing

“Ave Kruup chose an unadorned and multifaceted pianistic narrative style, and gave each Ballade its own character.”



Südhessen Morgen − March 2007
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Pianist of Special Class

“The young pianist took such an ambitious work (Bach's Goldberg Variations) for this concert and managed it with with bravura.”



Saarbrücker Zeitung − January 2004
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“She shaped the melancholic Adagio's poignant simplicity with great depth despite her young age.”

“In Chopin's Etudes Op.25 she could display her virtuosity, but was also inwardly expressive where needed.”



Südhessen Morgen − June 2006
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Audience Enjoys a Glittering Piano Evening

Ave Kruup gave the audience at her concert in Kulturscheune a taste of her virtuosic skills.”

“She demonstrated technical precision as well as the ability to bring out all the harmonic pivotal and crucial points despite the fast tempi.”

“The pianist convinced, besides her musical ability, with a very natural charisma.”

“She gave [the fast movements] a great brilliance, built long lines, and allowed with much sensitivity the thundering fortissimos to fade down into gentle pianos.”